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JUL Aug 2008
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All images, words, graphics, and code on this site is (c)Copyright 2000-Present P. Warren Lawrence. It's mine, all mine! So don't even think of scarfing any of it! I know people who know people, and they will hunt you down for stealing my "Email me" button, since it took me two minutes to make it! eXTReMe Tracker
It's weird. There are a lot of things that are proven to trip up search engines. Lots of words. Have you ever gone to Dave Kelly's site "Smut"? Go to the bottom of the page and highlight all the black, a lot like you're doing here. You will see so much stuff about smut, one would think that he'd be destined to be at the top of all the search engines. Sadly, he's not. Although it is a quite interesting webcomic. Just nothing like Spare Change.I often find a lot of strange search terms when I'm checking out my statistics. Things like "comic it's mine all mine" or "artifical intelligence" or other things. Bizarre things like "suck" (although a poorly drawn comic could be said to suck) and a ton of other things that I can't remember right now. Google is even weird enough to update their search engines, and then go back to a former state. So when somebody types in Poorly Drawn Comics one day, is right at the top. The next day might not even be on the front page. Only to return two days later. Probably some odd thing with the way I used to have a mirror set up. But I changed it, so we'll see if it consistantly points to my little webcomic "Spare Change" now. Poorly drawn comics. Boy, isn't that a vague term? There are lots of poorly drawn comics on the net (and even syndicated). I'm more than happy to add mine to the fray. And I'm so happy that I bought the domain name Even though my first choice was But that was taken. Not that I have anything wrong with that, seems like a nice enough site. But let me tell you about my site. It's has a poorly drawn comic called Spare Change. (By the way, most permutations of were gone too. I checked.)
Oh yeah, also has Mass Production on it too, and the same holds true for Mass Production isn't a poorly drawn comic, but is a poorly done comic. I guess.
Spare Change is a webcomic done by P Warren Lawrence on Monday-Saturday, and has been for a while now. Even though the P in P Warren Lawrence stands for Phil Lawrence, it should be noted that Phil is not me. Although he does kind of resemble me. Phil, Trudy, James, Rhett, Jer, Amy and Dan are all fictional. You can tell it's true, because I wrote it down.
If you're wondering why I do a webcomic (and looking at my drawing skills you probably are), it's because I like it. Even though there really aren't any adult situations in "Spare Change", and few adult situations in "Mass Production", it's still what I do. Don't really need to concern myself with the nudity, since I'm married and can see naked chicks anytime I want to.
Yes, even without nudity, it's still a webcomic. With a mirror on Keenspace. But like "Weird Al", I have many food references in the comic. Unlike him, though, I also have many work and computer references... and don't even bother reminding me about that "Pentiums..." song he did.
So there you have it. I don't play the violin or write prolific novels. I don't paint beautiful works of art that will be cherished hundreds of years from now or try and develop artifical organs to prolong the lives of desperately ill individuals. I don't enact laws that will affect millions, or work to solve the population and energy crises. I make a webcomic.
And a poorly drawn comic at that.
Warren, creator of Spare Change and Mass Production (the comic, not the process)
It should also be noted that Spare Change has nothing to do with the musical group. Whichever one you're thinking of. There are several bands named Spare Change. One in California, one in Illinois, a jazz band somewhere, and others. More common than I ever thought.